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I want to personally welcome you to ‘Natural Kinesiology’ and thank you for stopping by and visiting my website.

My ‘About’ page will give you a synopsis of why I am so passionate about alternative health care.  I had known about some herbs and how they could help with different ailments, thanks to my grandmother, however, I was not very knowledgeable.

In the early 80’s I became very ill.  I was so ill, that at one point I wanted to die. Not even my wonderful husband or my beautiful children could make me want to stay here, all I wanted to do was die, to make the sickness go away, I was that sick!  I would see doctor after doctor and none of them could tell me what was going on with my body or why.  They didn’t know what to do for me other than fill me with many different kinds of antibiotics and medications, which were making me sicker.

A friend asked me if I had thought of trying alternative medicine.  Something I knew nothing about, I might add.  She said “what do you have to lose and you have everything to gain.”  I thought about what she had said and I decided to search out alternative treatment.

I found an alternative practitioner whom I connected with immediately.  From that moment on, my journey to complete health began.  He found many imbalances within my body.  I knew at that moment that I would get well.  And I did.... It took many, many months to get my body healthy again. Working as a team, myself and my practitioner, we worked on the cause of my illness and not the symptoms.

From that time on, I knew first hand that alternative medicine works. That is when my passion began. I studied herbs, the use of essential oils, nutrition, etc….. but I knew I needed more knowledge.  That is when I decided to certify in ‘Wholistic Kinesiology’, a course in muscle testing, a technique taught by Dr. J Dunn.

I have now received my Certification in Wholistic Kinesiology.

I hope my story has inspired you or someone you love to search out an alternative health treatment. One that will work for you or your loved one. 

Thank you again for visiting my site.
Here is to your optimal health,