"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."
~Jim Rohn


I suffered from chronic constipation all of my life.

It didn't matter how healthy I ate or how much exercise I got and it was especially bad whenever I'd travel.

I sought help from numerous health practitioners over the years.

I tried colonics, over the counter drugs, energy work, acupuncture, etc.

Nothing worked in the long term.

After just one session with Linda, she was able to pinpoint the issue.

She put me on Aloe Leaf for six weeks and taught me how to massage my Ileoceal valve.

Within days, the issue was resolved and it hasn't been an issue ever since.

I highly recommend Linda to everyone dealing with health challenges.

She is a truly gifted medical intuitive with a vast knowledge of alternative healing modalities.


-Zenne S.


As someone who values her health and well-being without artificial pharmaceuticals, I turn to Linda when I have a question in regards to staying healthy. Through her talents and training as a natural healer, she can pinpoint issues before they become a chronic problem. She has helped me with thyroid and adrenal issues, she has advised me on natural anti inflammatory cures that have given me relief from pain and given support for vitamin regimes appropriate for my body. Linda listens and treats me as an individual and creates a unique plan for my health. I recommend Linda to anyone that wants to maintain optimal health!


Kim J.


I had been experiencing illness that I could not figure out myself and ended up in the hospital. I hadn’t been to a doctor in almost twenty years. I went three times in a month and they still had no answers to what was happening. They told me I should go to a doctor if I continued to have issues, which I did. Still they did not find anything and I had no answers.  I am a very holistic person and went a natural route through this entire situation, but still had found myself having issues with my health I could not understand. I was not focused!

Then a dear friend Linda popped into my head one day. I had contacted her and she wanted to see me. She gave me advise to what to stay away from which gave me relief for the moment until she could meet with me. When we finally met and Linda did a fantastic job! She was very detailed and isolated what was happening. What was even more interesting she pick up on what was going on with me before we met and reviewed the questionnaire I had filled out! She gave me answers to what the doctors couldn’t and in the end I was doing the wrong treatments. I was also very impressed that she asked if it was spiritual, emotional, or physical which many do not look at.

Afterwards I came home and began my healing process the correct way. Each day I get better and better and I am eternally grateful for what she did for me! I highly recommend Linda for anyone wanting true answers to what might be happening to them.



I took my daughter to see Linda due to an unknown illness that could not be figured out by the doctors. While I was with my daughter Linda began to pick up that I may be having similar issues as her. Without hesitation, she took the time to work with me. She didn’t want me to leave knowing I was not feeling my best. She isolated issues I had been experiencing for years that I had shared with no one. In that moment, I realized what a gift of healing she has.

Within two days, following her instruction, the constant pain, bloating, and feeling miserable went away. I began to walk on the treadmill and felt energy surging throughout my entire body. I had not felt this for at least three years and now I was doing it!

I am now on the path of a healthier lifestyle and I appreciate that Linda took to the time for me even though she was there for my daughter, which she directed her in making positive changes that have surpassed any doctor’s appointment or ultrasound out there. I highly recommend her services to anyone!



My story about how Linda helped me happened without a plan or an appt. anyway on my part. Linda knew I wasn't eating because of these meds, and her own natural healing instincts must of just known she needed  to share these nutrients and essential oils with me.

Linda had come to Hawaii for a visit, and I wasn't sure if I told her I was starting my own reduction/detox off my pain meds. Linda knew I wasn't eating. The first thing she shared was the Tangy Tangerine powdered vitamins with me, made me a bottle every day she was here. A Life Saver, I could hardly stomach another vitamin pill in my nauseous gut but needed them badly. Then about that time I was starting to feel the first withdrawal symptoms. The nervey pulsating on the bottom of my feet and joint pains from the detox. It was making it hard to get sleep or think. Linda so cute she unwraps what I call her "little bag of trix's", actually  essential oils. So cute, she was ready for anything, even on a, holiday. She introduced me to Deep Blue essential oils and how to mix with a carrier oil.There is nothing like it for throbbing pain. 
Linda will never know how much these two things helped me stay on my path to detoxing anesthesia out of my body. A true believer nothing is by coincidence, Linda came at a time when I needed her gifts to keep me on my path of detox. I am forever grateful for her friendship, and sharing these tools I am still using today. It's almost 6 months now and I am still using them both daily to continue my journey to health again. For 20 years Doctors said I could not deal with the pain of 14 surgeries and kept me on Fentanyl, an anesthesia drug used for pain as well. I am so thankful to be off that poison. I ❤ U Linda and thank you every morning as I make up my vitamin drink, I never would of succeeded without your loving help. 
Always Love and Aloha